Thursday, September 07, 2006

Leftovers again.

I love leftovers. I usually cook more food than anyone can eat in one seating. Therefore I have
to get creative with the food that remains in my refrigerator. I see it as an opportunity, not an obligation to use up the food. This past holiday weekend, I made some really good hamburgers with sausage meat. Despite how delicious they were, my company just could not eat them all.
So, the first thing I did with the extra raw meat was to make chili. By adding some tomatoe sauce to the pork mixture and cooking it for several hours, I created a wonderful dish to serve with tortillas in the future. But since I already had plenty of the meat cooked, I decided to freeze the chili for another occassion. Then I had to decide what to do with the extra cooked hamburgers. Since I had grilled them they had a nice charcoal flavor. I chopped them into small bits and mixed them into scrambled eggs for a very tasty breakfast the next morning. I am sure that nobody has gotten that much mileage out of a couple of pounds of sausage mix and I enjoyed every bite now and look forward to the freezer part in the future. My advice is, never give up on a food that you can turn into another meal!