Thursday, October 26, 2006

BLOGGING with Rachel

I haven't been blogging for a while. What with travel and family and work, who has the time. Well, apparently lots of people do. I mean anyone can so why wouldn't they. My question is "Why would they" After all, is the average person really knowledgeable about what they are writing about, such that anyone else would need to know what they think. That's what we food professionals are there for. We do the research, have the experiences and then share them via newspaper columns, books, magazines, radio shows etc. And busy people barely have time to check out all those educated opinions, let alone those of every one who eats. So who and what are the bloggers really doing? Are they just talking to each other? If so, why don't they use their cell phones or some computer program or text messaging. I am always in a quandry about what to blog about. If it is something that I want to tell the world, I'd want a bigger audience than the ones hitting my blog site. And if I want to share it with my husband David, he's right here with me. And probably no one I don't know really gives a damn what my personal challenges are, so why would I write about them. And my opinions about where I've been or what I've eaten are really only between me and my stomach and I don't want to impose them on friends, let alone strangers. So, I guess what I am really saying is, BlOG THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!